Anatomy and Physiology


Anatomy and Physiology

Course Name: Anatomy and Physiology

Length of Course: up to 3 months

Class type: Online

Cost: R1,999

Requirements: The course is aligned to a NQF 4 level course.


Brief Description:

To truly understand how to best exercise, it is very important to understand what the body is made of and how each part of the body works together. This course will teach you the various joints, muscle groups, internal systems (endocrine, nervous, Digestive systems) and movements within the body. This course will form a fundamental building block for any further leaning within the Health and Fitness industry.

All of this will be achieved whilst studying online. There will be a formative assessment and summative assessment conducted to ensure that you carry the Planet Academy’s endorsement.


1 – Introduction and basic overview

2 – The Skeleton and Muscular systems

3 – Circulatory and Digestive system

4 – The base functioning systems


Career opportunities: as a fundamental building block, this can be used in all areas of fitness and forms a base requirements for any group exercise classes or Personal Training.