[Coming Soon] Bootcamp – X Training


[Coming Soon] Bootcamp – X Training

Course Name: Bootcamp – X Training

Length of Course: up to 3 months

Class type:  Class based

Cost: R4,350 – Payment Plan – R1,350 deposit – then R1,000 over 3 months

R3,500 – Up front Cash

Requirements: Desire for Fitness


Brief Description:

Bootcamp – X Training is a high intensity equipment based training program that utilizes multiple stations. Through the use of equipment participants’ intensity can be increased thereby increasing results.

All of this will be achieved through class based facilitation There will be a formative assessment and summative assessment conducted to ensure that you carry the Planet Academy’s endorsement.


1 – Introduction and basic overview

2 – The equipment and their roles

3 – The setup and class flow

4 – Putting it all together


Career opportunities: X Training is becoming a widely used and the principles can be used on any equipment based bootcamp