[Coming Soon] How to Instruct


[Coming Soon] How to Instruct

Length of Course: up to 3 months

Class type: Online

Cost: R1,999

Requirements: The course is aligned to a NQF 4 level course.


Brief Description:

Standing in front of a group of 30 people, all waiting for you to teach them a class is not always easy. This course will teach you how to engage effectively with the class, how to motivate them throughout the entire class as well as understand how to adapt your class so that everyone enjoys it.

All of this will be achieved whilst studying online. There will be a formative assessment and summative assessment conducted to ensure that you carry the Planet Academy’s endorsement.


1 – Introduction and basic overview

2 – How to engage

3 – Understanding those you are instructing

4 – How to update and adapt your class


Career opportunities: as a fundamental building block, this can be used in all areas of fitness and forms a base requirements for any group exercise classes or Personal Training.