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What is Fitness?

If you can run around the school oval without getting too puffed, does that mean you are fit? Exactly what does fitness involve?
Well, FITNESS means more than just being able to run without stopping to catch your breath. Fitness means getting all parts of your body in great working order so you can study and work and play as much as you want and still have energy to spare – that is Fitness. It means your heart; your lungs, circulation and muscles are all healthy and strong. Importantly, being fit means you can do things you can’t do if you’re unfit!

Fitness is NOT about image, it’s NOT about the shape of your body, it’s NOT about how good you look OR it’s NOT about the size of clothing you wear. Fitness IS about being able to keep a healthy, balanced lifestyle and live a healthy life. It means different things at different stages of life, for example, for a mature person fitness can mean being able to get down on the floor and play with grandkids then being able to get back up!

The fitness industry is booming more than ever and, with so many people passionate about fitness and health and so many people who need help generating their own passion, it’s no wonder that there’s growing interest in fitness careers. Being a personal trainer or a fitness instructor is always an option, but there are other options out there. Expand your horizons and learn about other ways to help people get healthy and fit.